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Salary Schedule Placement


Classified Salary Schedule Initial Placement

1. Credit for experience in the same position at a school district will equate to one (1) pay step for each complete year.  

2. Credit for experience in a like position will equate to one (1) pay step for each complete year, not to exceed step nine (9).

3. Credit for in-District experience in a non-like position will equate to one (1) pay step for every five (5) years of completed in-District experience.

4. Instructional paras on the Paraprofessional/ Aide Salary Schedule (Class IV and higher) will receive two (2) additional steps for an associate's degree or four (4) additional steps for a bachelor's degree. Official college transcripts listing the degree/matriculation date must be submitted at the time of hire.

5. Credit for combined education and experience in a like position will not exceed step nine (9). An exception will be made for certified teachers on the Paraprofessional/ Aide Salary Schedule, to whom full education and experience credit will be given for professional teaching experience.

Initial placement will be as follows:

Step 0-2  Level 1
Step 3-5  Level 3
Step 6-8 Level 6
Step 9-14 Level 9
Step 15+  Level 13

These placement guidelines are subject to Superintendent/designee discretion. Final salary placement will be based on education and experience as verified by the Human Resources Department.

Salary Schedules